Kiel, Germany capital of the German Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein and seated at the east coast of a peninsula which is part Danish (north) and part German (South).

Kiel has about 240k habitants but is devided by a glacial fjord-like bay (Kieler Förde) into two halves of about 100k inhabitant plus suburbs. The two major districts are called west bank and east bank (Westufer/Ostufer) and connected by the Gablenz Bridge, which is said to be the longest in the world, because it connects Germany to Turkey due to the far greater Turkish population in the east bank district.

Another phonmenon is the weather: The regualar change of summer and winter does not seem to work properly: Summer usually only comes once in _two_ years! Nevertheless: In "summer-years" the inhabitants populate the parks and beaches in and around Kiel. Some kilometers down the coast are two of the most famous beaches of the Kiel area: Kalifornien and Brasilien - two villages named after so far away and sunny places as California and Brazil.

In 1847 Kiel was made royal war habor by the German Emporor. This gave a significent upturn to Kiel's shipbuilding industry and came to a tragical head when in WWII allied bombs erased the shipyards and the inner city of Kiel in a strategy that mainly destroyed military facilities.

After WWII the habitants of Kiel rebuilt their city in the style of the time which can regretfully be seen at most places in town: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe brick office builings and grey concrete-monsters replaced the picturesque Old Town. Remains of the old u-boat facilities are being removed these days.

Nowadays Kiel does not only have a strong Turkish community but also a >10% population of students. The largest part of which studies at the Christian-Albrechts University which is known for the wide scale of fields of studies and especially the law faculty. But as you study in Kiel you will find your collegues are never to be seen privatly due to the many commuters who never attend student parties or local pubs...

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