A series of record compilations featuring obscure early punk music. Around 1988, an obsessed Swedish record collector living in New York started what would cause dozens around the world to develop an addiction to own any obscure punk record. The first 4 volumes of the series highlighted some of the best (and now most expensive) punk records ever. Eventually the name came to be used by just about anyone wanting to put out a compilation of their own favorite records. The series includes volumes 1-7, 007, 8.5, 9-14, 15.5, 16-20, 22, 24, 26, 33, 40-41, 69, 77, 100, 200-202, 666, 999, 1234, FU2, British DIY Volume 1, Killed by 7" 1-5, ad infinitum. There have also been other compilations using the "Killed by..." title, such as "Killed by Florida," a compilation released in 1998. Also note the "Bloodstains Across..." compilations.

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