This Australian pop-rock band began as a brother-sister duo in Violet Town, Victoria, Australia.

They were introduced to music via their drama and music teachers' collections which traversed grounds such as Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. When youth radio station Triple J began to broadcast, brother Jesse Hooper and sister Ella began to listen to the likes of the Smashing Pumpkins, Hole and Nirvana. One of their first performances was at a local Violet Town festival where Ella and Jesse (13 and 15 years of age, respectively) attracted the attention of a local recording studio owner. They were subsequently offered free studio rental and from this came the demo that would eventually see them Unearthed by Triple J. The lineup for these recordings drew on the skills of their then schoolmates to fill out the rhythm section.

Now Unearthed and getting national airplay via Triple J the siblings walked a line between education and fielding opportunities for bigger live performances. Airplay of their single 'Kettle' (also the song that they were unearthed for) caught the attention of Paul Kosky and their live performances at Melbourne's Push Over Festival convinced Kosky, who had grown tired of watching artists being stolen from him and swept away into the clutches of record companies, that these were the artists that he would aim to produce and manage.

In August of 1999 Ella and Jesse had secured the talents of Adam Pedretti and Warren Jenkins as well as the backing of Roadshow Music, an Australian Indie label and Kosky's venture Wah Wah Music. When Killing Heidi's debut album Reflector hit the charts it shot to number one, carried on the success of the singles Weir and Mascara.

Since then Killing Heidi have toured, playing world class festivals such the Big Day Out and released their second album Present in October of 2002. Songs from the then upcoming album that were debuted at live shows in 2001 recieved great responses and time will tell if the new album can outshine Reflector.

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