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One of the worst movies ever created. If you are looking for a bad horror movie to laugh at, this is the one. Spanning only 77 minutes, and starring virtually no one anyone would recognize (probably all under stage names due to the quality), Killjoy 2 recounts the story of the hapless juvenile delinquents (all of whom are at least 24) on their way to a run-down shelter they are to rebuild as a community project. Conveniently, their van breaks down on the way to the utterly isolated worksite, and they must all split up to look for help. One of the "teens" is shot by some trailer-trash lady, amusingly the only white person in the entire movie other than the female corrections officer. They must go to a voodoo witch for help, and in the mess of things two of the "teens" unleash an evil spirit known as Killjoy. Chaos ensues.

Some notable nuances (read: reasons to watch this movie):

  • A wonderful allusion to Aretha Franklin
  • Killjoy is a clown
  • Killjoy is a clown who looks like he stole his costume from an Elvis impersonator and Liberace
  • Killjoy wears a feather boa
  • Numerous and horrible sexual references
  • There are two characters with repeating names: "Cee-Cee" and "Ray-Ray". The latter is male.
  • Killjoy speaks almost entirely in cliches
  • The movie is over before it begins (77 minutes long)
  • There is no suspense at all: when Killjoy is first introduced, we see him walk into the scene under a light
  • It's obvious they had no set
  • The tagline is: "He's back...for seconds"
    and finally:
  • "Fuck" is said 56 times during the movie. That averages out to almost once every 1.4 minutes.

Killjoy: watch it. Be amazed.

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