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Kirby returned to the Game Boy (and appeared in limited color on the Super Game Boy) in 1995's Kirby's Dream Land 2. Produced by Nintendo and HAL Laboratories, this game combined elements from the first two games and added new elements to the series, such as Kirby's animals friends Rick the Hamster, Coo the Owl, and Kine the Fish.

Kirby's ability to inhale and absorb enemy powers is carried over from Kirby's Adventure, although with the small size (no pun intended) of the Game Boy cartridge, only a few powers made the transition. Moreover, when combined with an animal friends, the attack takes on a new form. The attacks in the game are...

  • Kirby
    • Cutter - Kirby throws a boomerang cutter. Also destroys rounded blocks with horizontal lines through them.
    • Fire - Kirby becomes a raging fireball. Also destroys solid ice blocks.
    • Ice - Kirby becomes encased in frozen air. Also destroys ice blocks with holes in the center.
    • Parasol - Allows Kirby to float to the ground and protects him from overhead dangers. Also destroys blocks that resemble logs.
    • Spark - Kirby becomes a living electric spark. Also destroys blocks that resemble computer chips.
    • Spike - Spikes protrude from Kirby's body. Also destroys blocks that resemble the five-side of a die.
    • Stone - Kirby becomes a heavy rock. Also destroys blocks that resemble cobblestones.
  • Kirby + Rick the Hamster
    • Cutter - Kirby becomes the boomerang cutter.
    • Fire - Rick spews flame breath.
    • Ice - A powerful snowman attack.
    • Parasol - Kirby turns into a ball and is balanced on top of the parasol.
    • Spark - The duo are able to shoot lasers.
    • Spike - Sharp spines pop out of Rick's back.
    • Stone - Rick becomes a large boulder which Kirby can roll along the ground.
  • Kirby + Coo the Owl
    • Cutter - Coo shoots three feathers.
    • Fire - Coo divebombs the enemy in a flaming swoop.
    • Ice - An ice swoop atack.
    • Parasol - Coo spins 'round at top speed and becomes whirling tornado.
    • Spark - Lightning shoots straight down below the duo.
    • Spike - Kirby becomes pointy, providing protection from hazards below.
    • Stone - Kirby turns into a stone and the duo drop to the ground.
  • Kirby + Kine the Fish
    • Cutter - Kine spits a sonic wave.
    • Fire - Kine spits a fireball (ineffective underwater).
    • Ice - Kine becomes encased in an ice block.
    • Parasol - Kine sticks a parasol out of his mouth.
    • Spark - Kine spits a lightbulb out of his mouth (useful for lighting dark rooms).
    • Spike - Kine becomes sharp with spikes.
    • Stone - Kine turns into a rock.

In addition to all of the preceeding Kirby can earn the Rainbow Sword by collecting the seven Rainbow Drops that are hidden in the game. There's one locked away in each world behind special blocks that require a certain power and animal helper to break. Only by earning the Rainbow Sword can Kirby hope to defeat the final boss, Dark Matter.

Like all Kirby games, KDL2 was designed so that beginning players could easily beat it, but advanced players will enjoy finding all seven Rainbow Drops and hunting for other secret areas. The game has extensive replay value and, thanks to an automatic save system, players can take on the game at their conveinience. The game can still be found in the usual used game sources (eBay, etc.) and is well worth a play.

Playing the game

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