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Infinite_Burn noded a variation of this under Ghetto Girl's Poem prior to my noding this original. I'm quite amused, though, that his only allots for 15 seconds of pleasure whereas mine goes on for a full minute. What could that possibly say? :)

This is a rhyme that is frequently spread among young adolescents (I learned it when I was about 13). Add your memories below. :)

Kissing is a habit
Fucking is a game
Guys get all the pleasure
Girls get all the pain
You'll always think he loves you
You'll always think he's true
But when the belly starts to show
He'll say the hell with you
Sixty seconds of pleasure
Nine months of pain
Five days in the hospital
and Baby has no name
Daddy was a loser
Mommy was a whore
and Baby wouldn't be here
If the condom hadn't tore

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