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A novel by Jonathan Carroll.

Popular author Sam Bayer, overcome by writer's block, returns to his small, idyllic upstate New York hometown Crane's View to find inspiration. He ends up investigating a 30-year-old murder case - the death of a girl whose body he discovered as a teenager. As skeletons of the past start crawling out of the woodwork and cracks appear in the serene facade of Crane's View, Bayer suddenly has to deal with a killer obsessed with his work, come to terms with his childhood experiences and sort out his troubled relationship with the mysterious Veronica Lake.

Markedly different from the main body of Jonathan Carroll work in the sense that it utilizes no overt fantastical elements, Kissing the Beehive is perhaps best described as an autobiographical psychological thriller. Like Bayer, Carroll discovered the body of a dead girl when he was a teenager, and it is evident that he shares Bayer's nostalgia for a lost childhood in the innocent apple-pie America of the 1950s - not surprising considering that Carroll has lived in Vienna for years. Although the fireworks of imagination usually present in his work are absent from Kissing the Beehive, it is nevertheless a strong novel, carried by well realized characters and terse plotting - not to mention Carroll's very distinctive and powerful narrator's voice.

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