Knap (?), n. [AS. cnaep, cnaepp, top, knob, button; cf. Icel. knappr knob, Sw. knapp, Dan. knap button, W., Gael., & Ir. cnap knob, button, and E. knop.]

A protuberance; a swelling; a knob; a button; hence, rising ground; a summit. See Knob, and Knop.

The highest part and knap of the same island. Holland.


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Knap, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Knapped (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Knapping.] [D. knappen to chew, bite, crack, take hold of; prob. of imitative origin.]


To bite; to bite off; to break short.

[Obs. or Prov. Eng. ]

He will knap the spears apieces with his teeth. Dr. H. More.

He breaketh the bow, and knappeth the spear in sunder. Ps. xlvi. 9 (Book of Common Prayer.)


To strike smartly; to rap; to snap.



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Knap, v. i.

To make a sound of snapping.



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Knap, n.

A sharp blow or slap.



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