Know Your Meme (located at is a website that, as its name would suggest, is used to catalog and explicate internet memes, and to research their origin and spread, and sometimes to describe their context. It is also a place for people to post their own pictures or videos illustrating the memes. The site is also part of the same consortium that runs I can haz cheezburger and failblog, along with other deliciously time wasting and informative intarweb sites.

I originally came to the site because I was actually looking to have an internet meme explained to me. I am now past the age of 30, and I must admit that I am now falling into the penumbra of true internet addicts, and often the references and jokes that I come across on the internet. Know Your Meme is a good filtering spot, explaining the flotsam and jetsam being generated by deep-internet whirlpools like 4chan. After that introduction, I mostly visit the site for amusement, and also because it is sometimes a source of important news: for several weeks, it was pretty much the only place I was reading about Occupy Wall Street.

It is hard to say what exactly the main sources of information and commentary are in our world right now, and I have come to view the shaping of people's opinions and attitudes to be a weird series of ripples and echoes that starts with jokes and catchphrases, and ends with mass movements. Information is passed down a wide archipelago, and "Know Your Meme", while on one hand being a site dedicated to funny cats and 1960s Spider-Man, is also a great place to take the pulse of the internet.

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