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Kokopelli and Company is a comic strip appearing in Muse, a science, art, and history magazine targeted at preteens. It was created by Larry Gonick and features the new muses who are the mascots of the magazine:

*Kokopelli, The Muse of Tunes and Tricks originally from Arizona, a Native American fertility god and trickster figure.

*Chad, The Muse of Hardware from Mali, inventor, handyman and creator of "Intelligent Air", which allows the Muses to watch humans.

*Feather, The Muse of Plants, an Assyrian bird creature who loves donuts.

*Pwt, The Muse of Animals, an androgynous character from Ancient Egypt, always trying to catch fellow muse, Crraw.

*Crraw, The Muse of Bad Poetry, a crow from Chicago, always being chased by Pwt and the only other Muse who can understand Aeiou.

*Aeiou, The Muse of Software, from Ulan Bator, never speaks but uses some kind of sign language/semaphore with her sleeves to speak. Only Crraw knows what's she's saying.

*Bo, The Muse of Factoids, from Abkhazia, a cow spends her time eating grass and staring at the sky.

*Mimi, The Muse of Getting Along with People, a fairy-like creature from the folklore of Australian Aborigines, she likes being around humans more than the other muses.

*Urania, The Muse of Astrology, one of the nine original muses from Greek Mythology, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Often a victim of Kokopelli's pranks.

The muses also appear in various places throughout the magazine give commentary on articles and answer the letters of readers.

A book based on the characters Attack of the Smart Pies was published in 2005.

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