The AM8000R is a little known piece of effects gear manufactured by Korg. Called an "Ambient Multi Effect Processor" by our favorite Japanese marketing team, it contains the effects units from the Trinity and Triton synthesizer, slightly beefed up. Contained in a beautiful brushed-aluminum case (like the Trinity), it has a vacuum-flourescent display, three knobs, and four buttons for creating and editing effects parameters. The unit lives up to its moniker by adding an ethereal, sometimes metallic, but always graceful and pleasing sound to any instrument run through it. The AM8000R's sister unit, the DL8000R, was also wildly unpopular except with people who actually own one. Rather than being based on reverbs, as the AM is, the DL is based on delays. Technical details include the 18bit, 48kHz sampling, and tip-ring-sleeve balanced inputs and outputs and 256 memory locations, 128 of which can store user patches.

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