1) Krka (Slovenian)

A tributary river of the Sava river in Slovenia. The Krka (which is called the Gurk in German) has its source 25 km SE of Ljubljana.

2) Krka (Croatian)

A river in Dalmatia, 73 km long, and known for its many waterfalls. The Krka has its source near the border between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and runs into the Adriatic near Shibenik.

The Krka National Park, which takes up a total of 142 sq.km, encompasses a total of 25 sq.km of water. Between two of the most scenic waterfalls of the park, the Roski slap1 and the Skradinski buk,2 on the mid-river island of Visovac, is a 14th century Franciscan monastery, whose library holds many old and valuable works, including the first printed edition of Aesop's Fables and 620 Turkish documents. Twice a year, on August 2 and 15, it is a site of pilgrimage.

1 Slap means "waterfall".
2 Buk means "cascade".

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