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A Finnish TV comedy series, ran on TV2. Mostly done by Matti Grönberg, Heikki Silvennoinen, Olli Keskinen, Timo Kahilainen and Heikki Hela. Ran 1991-1997, possibly more to come (the production team has been working on other shows recently...)

Basically, most of the Kummeli's content was pretty much what break describes in Finnish TV comedy writeup. However, unlike the stuff in Pirkka-Pekka Petelius' and Aake Kalliala's shows, the series actually was somewhat funny. Generally, the stuff was a little bit smarter than what people were was used to.

Then, usually Kummeli also had more than basic stuff in the series. This included longer sketch parodies on various topics. These were really nicely done. For example, usually parodies of foreign things were actually translated to the languages spoken in originals; One parody of Italian art movie was in Italian, for example. Also, the songs in the series were actually funny even after the 10th time, and considering that most of the people in the team had a background in music, they were also good...

They also expanded the same cast to do more longer comedies on specific topics: At least two other TV series (Lääkärit Tulessa, a parody of all hospital dramas, and Lihaksia ja Luoteja, about a group of polices who solve really devilish crimes) and at least two movies (Kummeli Stories, basically just a longer-than-usual-TV-episode, and Kultakuume, a much better-written treasure hunt epic). Also, they published the series music on CDs.

(Oh, and Kummeli is also the reason why many Finns seem to use "Kanada" as the obligatory nonsensical answer in polls or other multiple-choice questions. =)

Home page: http://www.yle.fi/kummeli/

"Kylä lähtee!"

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