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A trimode CDMA PCS handset- that is, a cell phone, and the first Kyocera phone to offer almost as many bells and whistles as a Nokia. It has a decent sized screen for wireless net access, though I am not particulary fond of its gamepad-style navigation key. The phone is surprisingly lightweight, and it has a great battery life (Lithium Ion, of course).

It may also be known as the QCP 3035, as Kyocera acquired Qualcomm's wireless telephone division in February 2000.

To access the programming menu, type in the number "1" 6 times- then "option" will appear on the bottom of the screen. Make sure it is highlighted, and select it using the navigation key. There are all sorts of neat things you can do from this point- such as change your phone number and SID code- provided you can get your carrier to release the subsidy lock code.

You can probably get into the debug menu with a 6 digit field debug code of 000000- the "Debug Screen" feature is pretty neat, if you want to know details of the particular cell you're on, etc.

In the begining of March 2001, Kyocera recalled about 11,000 3035s which were in service with Qwest wireless. When in analog mode and in certain channels, the phones would release an excessive amount of energy emissions. The phones were replaced with the same make and model, and affected Qwest subscribers got a free month of service out of the deal.

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