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Rupert of Bavaria, Prince, an English military officer; born in Prague, Bohemia, Dec. 17, 1619. After some military experience on the Continent he went to England to assist his uncle, Charles I., and in 1648 he was made admiral of the English royal fleet. After the Restoration he was appointed lord-high-admiral and served with Monk against the Dutch. He became governor of Windsor Castle, privy-councilor, etc. Many of his later years were devoted to scientific study, and he was formerly credited with the invention of mezzotint engraving, which he improved and introduced into England. He invented Prince Rupert's Drops. As one of the founders and the first governor of the Hudson Bay Company he name was given to Rupertsland. He died in London, Nov. 29, 1682, and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

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