Lemon and Paeroa, one of the nicest soft drinks (or soda, or fizzy drink) in the shores of new zealand. World famous in New Zealand, this drink comes in a brown bottle, similar colour to beer bottles, and a yellow lable.

The town paeroa has an oversize L & P bottle which has become a new zealand icon and features in most if not all L & P advertisements

Ice TV also promotes stupid fun with L & P bottles (major sponsor, etc etc) and usually manages to come up with fairly funny and (usually) innovative ideas. Past fun includes the use of tall buildings, camera angles to make bottles look as huge as the Paeroa icon, kicking bottles over rugby posts, bottles as water rockets and even driving bottles into a wall with a car.

So strange this hasnt been noded, especially being such an icon in NZ society.

The L & P slogan: World famous in New Zealand

Perhaps the best L & P related Ice TV stunt was the running over of a L & P bottle with an army tank at speed by New Zealand Army peacekeepers located in East Timor.

Lemon and Paeroa, or L&P, is an exclusive New Zealand soft drink ("Fizzy Drink" as said natively).
The drink is, as the name suggests, lemon flavoured, but also combined with... well, something else. I have travelled the world and not tasted anything quite the same as L&P, more lemony than Sprite, with a sweeter and more pleasant aftertaste than plain Lemonade. I guess you'd have to try it.

Paeroa is a small town in the North Island of New Zealand, where L&P began in 1907. The drink, originally called "Lemon and Paeroa Natural Mineral Water" was made, unsurprisingly, from mineral water sourced in Paeroa and lemon juice.
By 1909 the Paeroa mineral water was being barreled and shipped to Auckland, where L&P was being produced in larger quantities by Menzies & Company.

At some point (Someone?) the Coca-Cola company ended up buying L&P, and now produce it, still excusive to New Zealand. The Paeroa mineral water is no longer used in L&P production, however it retains all the original mineral water's components, presumably as best as can be replicated

L&Ps tagline is: "World Famous in New Zealand".

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