Legend of the Red Dragon In Game Module

In Game Modules were essentially plug-ins for the oldsk0ol BBS door game LORD (aka L.O.R.D.). They were relatively easy to code, and allowed the uesr to do any number of things - such as acquiring items that were otherwise rare in the game, modifying statistics (like who they were married to or how many children they had), gambling, or other more useless things.

Any good BBS would have two seperate LORD games - one with, and one without IGMs. However, there were some neglegent SysOps that used InterBBS LORD instead of LordNET and serverely screwed over their users. Among the 'destructive' IGMs which were either poorly coded (and had loopholes) or simply allowed users to twink themselves out. Some were very well made though and added even to the storyline of LORD.

See also: InterBBS LORD

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