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A Canadian repertory film written and directed by Philippe Falardeau. The message behind the film is about the approaches of each person to their work, and the use of work as a medium of self-expression.

In the film, Christophe, an unemployed 30-year-old with a mechanical engineering degree, is filmed by his roommate and best friend Stéphane, a director with an interest in political activism.

Stéphane decides to film Christophe, who is having a very hard time finding work, to show the status of an unemployed person, entering into the counselling sessions, and job interviews. Christophe allows Stéphane to make the documentary, but only until such point as he gets a job.

It takes three seasons, and Christophe gets increasingly desperate as his efforts become for nought. Stéphane's project, however, gets funding, and he is awarded a film crew to better document his friend's unsuccessful efforts. This all ends up rendering Christophe unable to find a job, which puts a certain pressure on their friendship.


Christophe    Paul Ahmarani
Stéphane      Stéphane Demers
Odile         Geneviève Néron
Philippe Falardeau won the Claude Jutra Award for his work on this film. The film itself won Best Canadian First Feature at the Toronto Film Festival.

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