"Lady Love Me (One More Time)" is a 1983 song by jazz guitarist George Benson. The writers of the song were from the rock group Toto, and most of the backing musicians were also from the band Toto. The guitar and singing, though, was all George Benson.

Lyrically, the song isn't that extraordinary. It involves a plea by the singer for his partner to "love me one more time", presumably before a breakup. The exact circumstances of the plea are not described. This is not a song of heartbreak. Benson makes it work, through a combination of soulful singing and even more soulful guitar playing.

All of which leads into a question of what genre to put this into. This song was released in 1983, and it is a very 80s song. Backed by the rock group Toto, and with a simple song structure, this sounds more like an adult contemporary or easy listening song than a jazz song. But to me, there is something about the soulfullness of Benson's playing that raises it above the level of being just a "radio song". Perhaps this is influenced by my means of listening: I bought this as an old 45, and hearing Benson out of a record player is moving in a way that hearing him on an easy listening station would not be. This is smooth jazz, but the emphasis is on the jazz, and not on the smooth.

At the time that this song came out, Benson had been playing in jazz for twenty years, and had been a sideman for the legendary Miles Davis. If he wants to play and sing a love song, he deserves the opportunity, and we deserve the opportunity to listen.

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