Kurt Wagner sits, surrounded by Lambchop. You see them from above and it's still hard to tell whether there's more equipment than people on stage. They all file on lugging instruments and cables and beers and sometimes they apologize for taking so long. A lot of them sit. It is not their style to stand.

What follows is whiskey, sweet whiskey! to the ears. Lambchop kick back. They resonate and seep and after a while you may not be able to stand. This is part of their charm.

Aside from Shari Lewis' lamb-shaped hand puppet, Lambchop is also the name of the culmination of Nashville's contribution to American music.

Currently signed to Merge Records, Lambchop is fine country music. Lambchop is and has been: Tony Crow, William Tyler, Matt Swanson, Dennis Cronin, Mark Nevers, Paul Niehaus, Hank Tilbury, Alex McManus, John Delworth, Deanna Varagona, Paul Burch Jr., Allen Lowrey, Jonathan Marx, Steve Goodhue, Bill Killebrew, C. Scott Chase, Mike Doster, Jim Watkins, Marc Trovillion, Sam Baker and Kurt Wagner.

You will find no cliche country lyrics here. Most of their songs concern everyday activities, ranging from suicide to bowling.

They've collaborated with Vic Chesnutt on his album The Salesman and Bernadette, and have toured with Yo La Tengo. They're good people.


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