Oh, won't you be my shepherd, come and watch me while I sleep I wanna tell you that I love you, but I can only bleat I'm a little lost lamb, not a llama or a goat Won't you make yourself a sweater from my curly white coat I'm a little lost lamb, I'll follow wherever you go From the country to the city, to the Bo Peep- show

- The Little Bo Peepshow

Lambið means lamb in Icelandic. There are a lot of sheep in Iceland, more sheep than people. If you would like to see a lambið being born, you'd need to visit Iceland during the springtime. There's not much of a springtime in Iceland... I guess you'd say that April to May is Spring because Summer starts in June.

If you would like to say something cute to your female significant other in Icelandic you could say “Litla lambið mitt.” This means; my little lamb.

Similarly, if a lady were interested in calling her male significant other my little lamb she would need to say, “Litli lambið mitt.”

This is ‘cause litli is the masculine form of little and litla is the feminine.

But how do I pronounce that d-thingy in lambið? It’s th, as in thick, ya ram.

Updates!: I am now a proud owner of an Icelandic Lambið. My friend Aggi bought me one for my 23rd birthday. I named her Maryanne and, as of the 26th of November, 2007 she is six months old and living on a small farm just outside of Húsavík. Aaw.

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