this is a rant.

helpless females suck. they make normal females look bad. acting weak and inept is not a good policy. it puts you in a position of subservience and it's an ugly thing to watch.

everyone probably knows at least one of these women. for me, the mother of an ex-boyfriend epitomizes the personality disorder beautifully. she was recently divorced, but her former husband still mostly supported her, to his own detriment. though her daughter (a helpless female in training) lived with her, everything the kid wanted or needed was supplied by daddy. and daddy wasn't rich. daddy lived in a singlewide until it burned down and worked as a long distance trucker. yet his ex-wife enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle, despite the fact that she worked about 20 hours a week as a waitress in a bowling alley.

overall, the woman was incompetent. she couldn't move by herself. she couldn't check her oil, she couldn't change a tire. if her son was with her, she had him pump the gas. her finances were constantly a dangerous mess ('i'm just so bad at math!'). she went to community college briefly, but never took anything but beginning level nursing and secretarial courses. she was very delicate and would often miss work because she didn't feel well, a side effect of her constant dieting - note that to be a helpless female, you pretty much have to rely on men, meaning you put a lot of effort into meeting conventional standards of beauty. she forgot things, all kinds of things, and would call upon her son or her ex or one of her many boyfriends to take care of them for her, dropping whatever they were doing at the time. ..etc., etc.

why is this so upsetting? because it's so easy.. it's almost appealing. you make a deal with men in general: you will play defenseless and they will protect you. you will make them feel manly and strong and they will spend money and effort on proving you right. you will give up the right to disagree and they will fight your battles. apparently, that's how things worked for centuries. women could exert no power over their own lives, they needed a man as a mouthpiece, so they made an arrangment.

it seems unsafe and unwise to me, to depend wholly on other people. if you can do nothing more than cry and wring your hands when you blow out a tire on the freeway, you're in some sort of danger. you're setting yourself up to be taken advantage of if you fail to learn how to function independently within your normal environment.

what pissed me off most, during the tenure of my relationship with this woman, was her reaction to my life. when i let it slip that i could perform basic maintenance on my vehicle, that i enjoyed math and wanted to major in computer science, that i had been working and helping to support my family since i was fifteen, she would mock me. she explicitly expressed amazement, but implied that i was a fool or a freak, the same reaction i got when she saw my tattoo or my more interesting clothing.

i've been tempted to live that way. i've had rich boys offer me things, in exchange for my doting on them while letting them treat me however they chose. i decided it wasn't worth it. and for a while i wanted to take back that decision - i called my mom and half-jokingly told her off for raising me to think of men as untrustworthy providers. but i got over it and i can't say why. i'm not certain that my life will be better than that woman's, that i won't end up working a similarly crummy job without the benefit of financial aid from suitors. i guess i just feel better knowing that whatever i have or accomplish, i get to take credit for, and that if i'm ever in trouble, i don't need to look to someone else for help because i've learned that i can rely on myself. and i know i'll always be here for me.

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