An underground Science-Fiction author of bondage and inspired sexual tension on other planets. These stories are mixed with sword battles and the training of human female slaves on the planet Gor.

Born John Lange in Chicago Illinois June 3rd, 1931, he is best known for his Gor Novels! Ths series span 25 books written from 1967 to 1988, plus three installments of the Telnarian Histories, two other fiction works, and a nonfiction paperback entitled Imaginative Sex.

The Gor novels' book covers are always filled with paintings of fantastically clad women, which rival most pulp fiction for risque art. Communities of Dom & Sub people seems to be thriving in role-playing situation on irc, using many of John Norman's ideas as reference to a way of life.

Perhaps you may find John Norman's ideas chauvinistic, or maybe even misogynist, but he is willing to explore an area of human sexuality and psychology that is both a taboo subject in North-America as well as inventive and erotic. Other authors who have written such literature include Anne Rice
(I do not beleive that it makes a difference if the author is a male or female when the idea, 'reality,alternate-world forging' content of a book is being scrutinized).

John Norman received his Doctorate from Princeton and served for several years as an Associate Professor of Philosophy at a prestigious New York University. Several million copies of his works have been printed and he has been published in several languages. Two feature-length motion pictures have been based on his work. Much of his writing has been censored and banned periodically throughout his lengthy career. Despite the ongoing efforts of censors to silence him, his work has attracted a large following both in his native United States and throughout the rest of planet Earth

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