hair bristling in the glow of moonlight... sleek muscles moving under sweat-beaded skin... lips parted, exhaling the heat of passion... brain aching from need... hands grasping from blind lust... tongues twirling, tasting, diving, exploring, stretching... heartbeats thundering, washing away reality, drowning in breath, tumbling in place, rolling in time, dying in darkness, birthing in light, lying in wait.

erotic: pertaining to sexual love or, more particularly, to its imagistic expression in daydream, fantasy, or dream, either autonomously or in response to a perceptual stimulus, and either alone or with one or more partners. See also sexual.

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E*rot"ic (?), E*rot"ic*al (?), a. [Gr. : cf. F. 'erotique. See Eros.]

Of or pertaining to the passion of love; treating of love; amatory.


© Webster 1913.

E*rot"ic, n.

An amorous composition or poem.


© Webster 1913.

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