Hers. His. Owned.

Your very own... dominated decoration

A crown. A trophy. A laurel. A jackpot... nothing but loot.

The spoils of war...
(or was that love...?)

Guerdon. Recompense. Reward. Accolade. Medal. Meed.

Booty (heehee). Bounty.

Who wants to be treated like plunder?

The dividend to a particularly good investment.

Captured, in custody. Held in their particular clutches.


Induced by the dangling carrot to grasp at potential pay-off.

In fact, a privilege to master her.

Mastery. Control. Influence (used for retention of...) Power. Advantaged

Position. Tenure.

Proprietorship of... each other. Or only him. Or only her. Theirs? not yours.

Acquisition, acquirement.

final requital for damaged Honour

Keeping (you) personal. Private. Understanding... belonging.

Why, (not) Mine?

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