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Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems, by John Keats, was printed by Thomas Davison and published by Taylor and Hessey in June 1820. This was Keats' third book of poetry, as well as his last book.

The following text appeared just after the title page:

"If any apology be thought necessary for the appearance of the unfinished poem of Hyperion, the publishers beg to state that they alone are responsible, as it was printed at their particular request, and contrary to the wish of the author. The poem was intended to have been of equal length with Endymion, but the reception given to that work discouraged the author from proceeding"

In the copy of this book which Keats gave to Burridge Davenport, Keats crossed out this out and wrote, "This is none of my doing—I w[as] ill at the time." He also commented on the passage ("but…proceeding"): "This is a lie."

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