You've always wanted a great-looking yard—but it's so much work that there's no time to enjoy it. Now you can have the outdoor urban paradise without the toil, thanks to Leeves™, the Yard Valet™!

Join the hundreds of happy customers who backed our Kickstarter, and take delivery of the new and improved Yard Valet 2.0 as it hits store shelves nationwide! Powered by our proprietary "machine learning" algorithms and with its mind quite literally in the Cloud, Leeves is the perfect solution to your outdoor needs. Leeves will tend and revitalize your lawn, flowerbeds, and garden automatically. Enjoy lush greens, vibrant foliage, and beautiful flowers without lifting a finger—except while on the deck, to signal Leeves to refill your glass!

Leeves can trim, snip, prune, weed, rake, mulch, fertilize, and water all of your plants to keep everything healthy and vibrant. Leeves has a built-in interface to major on-line retailers, and can obtain supplies like bulbs, seeds, and fertilizers automatically. Annuals can be rotated out through the growing season so that your property is always in full bloom! If you've new to gardening, Leeves can survey your property and help you to build the ideal landscaping plan, taking into account your soil conditions, hardiness zone, sun/shade mix, and more! With Leeves in charge, you'll be the envy of your street and maximize your curb appeal with no personal effort. You can be certain to stun visitors when Leeves is on the job!

Leeves is Always On and will keep your property in top condition. No weeds will encroach, and no malignant insects will munch. And Leeves' built-in high definition audio-visual capabilities give you a cool and discreet eye on the neighborhood. Once registered with major self-directed delivery services, Leeves can even automatically accept and securely store your parcels and deliveries—day or night, while you sleep, work, or play!

Leeves can also interface with your Internet Voice Assistant (a.k.a. Iva, our other Kickstarter, check it out!). Use the Iva/Leeves interface to greet and announce guests, accept deliveries, and discourage unwanted visitors—right from your couch or deck chair. Door-to-door salesmen, politicians, religious zealots, and charity muggers will all think twice when a robot with an 8" serrated pruning blade tells them to "Get off my lawn!" You bet, they'll skedaddle.

If you like that idea, you'll love this! Coming Soon (subject to regulatory approval) is Carrie, the new add-on security monitor for the Leeves platform. Carrie enhances Leeves with advanced personal and home security capabilities. Carrie not only patrols your property and records security footage, but can escort your kids safely to school (where permitted by law) and can network with other Leeves devices to implement our version of Neighborhood Watch, the Care Network. Sleep, work, and vacation in peace knowing that Carrie is on the job. For rural or isolated environments, add-on our optional Assertive Action package. Augment the Leeves platform with wildlife pacification tools such as the shock prod, pepper spray, and more! (You can be certain to stun visitors when Carrie is on the job!) Look for additional options as personal security vendors implement our Open Carrie development kit and make their offerings available on the Leeves platform! (The Leeves/Carrie team is not responsible for any actions taken by Leeves platform devices under the influence of Open Carrie modifications.)

Don't delay! Be the First on your Block to bring out the best in outdoor management! Order Leeves, the Yard Valet, today!

An entry for SciFiQuest 3016: Stuff What Hasn't Happened Yet.

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