Also known as Norman Carl Odam, Lubbock, Texas' favorite son. "The Ledge" had one minor hit back in the 1960s, a wild-eyed proto-countrypunk classic called "Paralyzed". Based on the success of the single he was signed to Mercury Records and appeared as a guest on Laugh-In - the height of his fame.

When I encountered the Ledge he was living in Las Vegas, being managed by Wayne from the Record Exchange. One time Camper Van Beethoven played in the store and he sat in with them on two numbers: "Bathroom Blues" and, of course, "Paralyzed". It was beautiful.

His songs are generally about the Wild West and outer space, and his session musicians are invariably drawn from the cream of Texas country, blues, and rockabilly. I never saw a full-fledged Legendary Stardust Cowboy show, but am told that he kicks it off by charging through the crowd, firing his six-shooters in the air and whooping like a maniac.

  • Paralyzed (45 rpm)
  • Who's Knocking' At my Door? (45 rpm)
  • I Took a Trip (On A Space Shuttle) (45 rpm)
  • Rock-It to Stardom (Amazing Records AM-LSC 999 33 rpm)
  • Retro-Rocket Back to Earth (New Rose/France)
  • The Legendary Stardust Cowboy Rides Again (New Rose/France)

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