A group of comprised mostly of the super-powered pets of Superboy and Supergirl.

Making their first appearence in Adventures of Superboy #293, the Legion of Super Pets was formed to help defeat the brain globes of Rambat. When their planet exploded, the brain globes were left homeless and traveled to earth to settle. They decided that they needed to get rid of Superboy. Seizing control of the Legion of Super-Heroes, they brought the Legion back through time to defeat Superboy and his robots. Only Krypto, Superboy's dog, was able to resist the brain globes, because their telepathy did not work on animals.

Krypto collected other super animals to help in defeating the brain globes. Beppo the super monkey, Streaky the super cat, and Comet the super horse were all enlisted in defeating the invaders. The Legion honored the animals by making them the Legion of Super Pets. Their existence was hidden from Superboy so that he would not discover that he had a cousin, before he was an adult and thereby changing the timeline.

The members of the Legion of Superpets are:

Krypto the super dog
Beppo the super monkey
Streaky the super cat
Comet the super horse
Proty II

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