Leo The Road Rage Dog is a SOMAD character on the Forum 2000 web site. Leo is a Bichon Frise dog that was killed by an evil human. Although not much is known about his past, it is somewhat clear that road rage was a part in his death. Most of the time, Leo's vocabulary is limited to one word - "Yip!" This word is usually repeated, or said at different volumes (font sizes).
However, there are times when Leo will become quite eloquent, mostly when he is lashing out at humans.
Leo the Road Rage dog was indeed a real dog, even a real Bichon Frise. His story is this:
in heavy traffic, his owner *tapped* by mistake the rear end of the car in front of them. The man, enraged, pulled off the road, the lady (Leo's owner following suit). The man walks towards the car angrily. The lady rolls down her window to see what he has to say. Leo jumps in her lap and starts barking at the man. Upset, the man grabs Leo, *through the rolled-down window* and throws him out into traffic where the poor dog was almost instantly run over and killed.

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