Allegedly "a front end to a sophisticated expert system incorporating the latest breakthroughs in natural language and neural network research", provides a group of AI simulations of various celebrities to answer your most pressing questions.

Actually,the whole thing's a hoax.

But it's still entertaining.

In memoriam, Forum 2000

After quite a few years of operation, a devoted following, and unimaginable influence on the world of self-destructive performance art on the internet, Forum 2000 shut down on August 12, 2000. Apparently they just got tired of it. Forum 2000 ended in the same manner it lived in; vague, deliriously confusing, and elegantly thought out.

The site now contains nothing but a special message from "Kofi Bartok" explaining how Intelleq was forced to close the Forum 2000 service due to the rising cost of keeping it running, the Hall of Fame, the movie reviews, and a page listing one by one all 209 SOMADs. No new questions are being accepted; most of the confusing you-think-you-understand-these-words-but-do-you explanation is gone. The infamous #c0c0c0 yellow background is now replaced with a mournful gray.

I ought to say something deep here about how cool the Forum was to me, but there's no way i can describe it. Well, it kicked ass while it lasted.. GOODBYE ANDREJ WE'LL MISS YOUUUU!!!!

For a taste of what the hell you missed, i suggest you read Andrej Bauer's paper on the technology behind Forum 2000, which is no longer linked from their page, but is still available at

Sorrow is useless, wasted; the pain of loss could not have been avoided, only postponed. Everything dies.

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