Levi Johnston is the ex-fiance of the daughter of vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. I suppose everyone reading this is already aware of who Levi Johnston is, although reading that description might make his fame seem slightly askew: although the politically astute might be able to name many unsuccessful vice-presidential candidates, I doubt anyone reading this can name any of Lloyd Bentsen's children, let alone any of the people they had failed relationships with.

Levi Johnston first came to fame shortly after Sarah Palin, then the little-known governor of Alaska, was chosen by John McCain to be his running mate. Sarah Palin was meant, amongst other things, to shore up McCain's support amongst the conservative and religious wings of his party. The revelation that Sarah's 17 year old daughter was pregnant with the child of a boy her same age could have put a crimp in it, until it was announced that they would be wedded soon enough. During the Republican National Convention, a cleaned-up Levi was seen with Bristol, promising a future of wholesome family values. After the defeat of the McCain/Palin ticket, the engagement between Johnston and Bristol Palin was quickly dissolved.

At this point, Levi Johnston entered into a phase of his life that could generally be described as wild and tacky, and that I won't ennumerate here because I have forgotten which activities of his actually happened and which were fabrications. Suffice to say, posing for Playgirl magazine was one of the more classy things he did. Recently, he briefly re-engaged to Bristol, until allegations of him possibly getting another woman pregnant surfaced. Levi Johnston will probably be popping up and down in news such as this until finally reaching obscurity.

As for Levi himself, he is probably just a somewhat callow and arrogant young man, (as many young men are), who had the fortune to get thrust into a national media frenzy that somehow became self-reinforcing. I don't know much about Levi other than he likes hockey, hunting, and is a fairly attractive young man. I imagine that the natural course of his life would be the path of most handsome, macho young men: to realize there is a life beyond high school sports and to become more mature people. Levi will probably be stuck in the loop of fame and attention-seeking for a while, a situation that is probably equally the fault of Levi and the tabloid media.

And if you are reading this more than a month after it is written, you already know more than is written here.

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