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My daughter is not only a hockey mom, but she has loved hockey ever since she was about four or five and we lived with my parents. My father, who watched sports of all kinds, enjoyed having my daughter sit with him, learning all the players' names, what the terms meant, how to keep track of stats, etc.

Fast forward in time, my Dad has been dead ten years and my daughter has two sons who play hockey. She is more than just someone who drops the kids off. She has met several of the New Jersey Devils, plus took a selfie with the head coach of the Devils, when she ran into him bringing his daughter to play hockey at the same rink.

She videotapes every game, then edits them, with amusing commentary. She started doing this for our family, then the coaches wanted them, then other parents wanted them. She chooses appropriate music and now is the webmaster for the main organization her sons play for, in different age groups, in different positions.

The primary reason I'm writing all of this is to suggest something that I think would be useful, not only for hockey moms or dads, but hockey players who need a quick nap while on the road or between games at tournaments. I have one of our very own E2 members to thank for this idea. On his home page, he put the correct pronunciation of his nom de guerre.

Unless you have read The Hockey Machine, you will not find a "hockey-cot" referenced anywhere on the internet and even in that book of juvenile fiction about a hockey camp, the word cot is used but never called a hockey cot. Therein lies my brainstorm of creating a portable, comfortable piece of equipment for the purpose of rest as needed.

In my mind, the hockey cot could be personalized with the team color, the kids' names, the jersey numbers and any tidbit of superstition to aid in winning. I'll do some sketches and submit them to the hockey mom, see if I can have a cottage industry in my spare time. Enough of this writing!!!

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