You have worked 15 feet from me for almost two years now, and I barely knew you. It is a shame really, that we never had a complete conversation. I hope that you never thought of me as competition, or were ever hurt by our differing positions at work.

Here is what I know about you...

You translated Japanese text into English. You really liked kitties. You were a dependable team player.

That is sad. I should have taken the time to talk to you more. It reminds me that I need to talk to all of them more. I should know their story. I should know what drives them, what motivates them, and what they want out of working here.

I will not know what to say to them when they find out you are gone. I will not know how to comfort the ones who knew you better. I will not know how to pack your things up to save for your family. I will not know how to put someone else in your place.

Goodbye little girl.

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