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Life is bad for you. You are going to die. Get on with it.

Studies over the past several decades have shown the following:*
  • A glass of wine is healthy
  • Alchohol is bad
  • Being skinny is unhealthy
  • Obesity is unhealthy
  • Smoking is unhealthy
  • Drinking water is good
  • Drinking too much water is bad
  • Being fat is worse than smoking
  • Herbal supplements are good
  • Herbal supplements are bad
  • Artifical coloring is bad

You are going to die.

Get over it, move on, and stop reading the ingredients on that bag of chips, I am trying to get to the bag of grease you are standing in front of!

Worry less about what you are eating, worry more about what you are doing.

We spend an extra hour a day reading about what is healthy, what isn't, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle - and then go to Burger King for dinner. Stop reading, start doing.

Knowing how to lead a healthy lifestyle and doing so are two different creatures entirely. Get up, go out, do something. Join an 'old-man's league' for baseball. Join a volley-ball team. Go to your local YMCA and Jazzercise! Most people already know what is required to be fit. Of people that know, most sit and read about how to be fit rather than actually going out and doing what they already know.

Heaven forbid you miss the announcement that excercise it bad for you!

Go out and enjoy yourself, excercise isn't all about "no pain, no gain". Plenty of activities provide fun along with excercise:
In short, life is terminal, and is too short to spend worrying about how to live it.

So go out, eat a fat burger if you want, but put the time in to get it off your waistline instead of lamenting about it.
*I do not represent any of these 'facts' as being something to base your health choices off of. However, most were taken from headlines and stories found at reputable websites

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