Lincoln was already showing signs of absent-mindedness in this note to a tavern keeper.

Springfield, November 2, 1839                    

Mr. Doughty

I understand my coat was left in your possession. Will you please get a yard or so of coarse domestic (for which I will pay you the first time I see you) and fold the coat in it and tie the card herein enclosed upon it, and hand the bundle to the stage driver on his trip towards Springfield?

You will very much oblige me by doing so. Your friend

A. Lincoln                 

This document is a copy of the unedited text of a written work by Abraham Lincoln. Some typographical errors which were present in the original text appear here as well. This document was copied in its entirety from The Living Lincoln, edited by Paul M. Angle and Earl Schenck Miers, published by Marboro Books Corp.

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