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She's everybody's favourite girl-next-door and one of Holland's top female presenters. Blond, blue-eyed with peachy perfect skin, Linda de Mol has been a presenter for so many years they've stopped counting... And her popular supershow ‘Love Letters' has brought her world fame that has spread across Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and as far away as Japan.

Linda de Mol hosted a children's show when she was twelve years old. Although she liked it very much, she never planned to become a television host. Linda: "I started studying law when I was 18 and I really wanted to be a lawyer. Two years later I got the opportunity to do a show for SKY-channel and then -overnight- it became my biggest passion. It was a big opportunity because they gave me the chance to host about eight to nine one-hour-shows per week. I had to learn a lot and I also made mistakes but I must say, they gave me plenty of opportunity to learn to swim in shallow water before I jumped in at the deep end..."

It may not have been the deep end, but she certainly jumped... From that cute girl next door, to D.J. Kat, to children's programming in the Netherlands and the Dutch version of funniest home video's there are too many programmes to count. But she's still best known for ‘Love Letters', a game show where people propose in languishing ways and then compete for the biggest fluffiest pink weddings Dutch production can provide.

Now Linda is one of the most famous television personalities in the Netherlands.

Info taken from Radio Netherlands website

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