One of the four major nations in Squaresoft's console RPG Final Fantasy IX, and largest city on the Mist Continent. Lindblum is ruled by the regent Cid Fabool, and supposedly his wife Hilda before Cid's affair. Lindblum is one of only two nations to use airship technology, the other being Alexandria.

Lindblum is divided into four districts, the Industrial District, housing engineering facilities and other industries considered high-tech in the Final Fantasy IX world, the Business District, housing shops, stalls, homes, and a church, the Theatre District, in which many of the city's theatre troupes perform, and Lindblum Castle, home of the regency.

Lindblum is the major producer of naval vessels, airships and airship technology in the game. Vehicles mentioned in-game produced within Lindblum include the Blue Narciss, the Hilda Garde, the Prima Vista, the Viltgance, and the Hilda Garde 3.

In the game, Princess Garnet wants to leave Alexandria on the theatre airship to Lindblum, because she wishes to consult with Regent Cid. This action sets off a chain reaction of events, in which the heroes return to the large city many times in the story. When Zidane, Vivi, and Garnet leave Pinnacle Rocks, they see Lindblum being attacked by an eidolon stolen from Garnet by her mother Queen Brahne. In this attack, much of the city is damaged or destroyed, including the entirety of the Industrial District.

In Disc Four, the heroes decide not to entreat Cid for assistance in defeating Kuja at Memoria, out of concern for the regency of Lindblum. However, Cid learns of the encounter at Memoria (likely from Baku) and sends all the airships in the Lindblum fleet to assist the airship Invincible in trying to land within.

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