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But first the beginning and a little explanation - though I live in NYC (exiled in Queens to be more specific) I've recently began working in Lyndhurst, NJ for a tech company; it was a necessary transition as the dot com I worked at previously was not feeling quite stable enough.

Anyhow, as a New Yorker I do not have any sort of motorized transportation and thus rely on several modes of public transportation to get to and from work. Usually, this means I spend as little time as possible in New Jersey and do my drinking in Manhattan.

Some coworkers of mine, however, all reside in NJ and have been wanting to go out for some time. We eventually settled on the Whiskey Cafe, a little bar/restaurant located within our office park. Though I'd never been to the place, some of my peers had done so for lunch and were less than impressed. But alcohol is alcohol so off we went one Thursday evening.

All was well for some time; Happy Hour deals abounded at this country bar - two for one beers and the like. And then horror struck me as the clock hit eight - line dancing lessons had begun.

I'd not seen so many cowboy hats and cowboy boots since I spent an ill-fated two weeks in Sioux City training for a former employer. Nor had I heard so much country music in all my days. But it provided entertainment for us, as we were merely spectators.

All was fine until NSYNC came 'pon the speakers, and the line dancing continued.

I still have nightmares.

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