Lisa Jakub, Actress, b. December 27, 1978 (this date is disputed by some sources), Toronto, Canada

Another victim of the child actor syndrome? The transition is always difficult...

Lisa Jakub got her first acting role at the age of six with a minor role in the film, Eleni with John Malkovich. She would then make appearances in television movies and guest spots on a number of television shows, most notably Night Court and E.R. before reaching an age at which she could effectively cast in the "young daughter" roles in a fairly decent run of films in the 1990s.

She would make the most of these roles with three very different performances in 1991's Rambling Rose as Doll Hillyer, 1992's Matinee as the daughter of a beatnik couple, and 1993's Mrs. Doubtfire as Lydia Hillard, who seems genuinely emotionally disturbed by her parents' divorce. Her other notable films included a minor role in 1996's Independence Day and as Timothy Dalton's daughter in The Beautician and the Beast.

By the late 1990s, Lisa had grown out of the innocent young daughter roles and in 1998 took a turn that showed just how far. In the 1998 film Painted Angels she portrayed a young prostitute in a bordello in a small Midwestern town in 1870s America. The film wasn't exactly a hit, which may be why I've never heard of it until now.

She then took roles in films such as 1999's George Lucas In Love and A Walk On The Moon. She seems to have disappeared off the radar for the past two years. The last mention of her name I can find is from 1999 and all the creepy websites devoted to her are no longer active. We can only wonder if she will complete the transition from child actor into mature actress. Or perhaps she is now working at your neighborhood 7-11. If you see her, say hello.

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