I'm sitting in the restech office, while I break FCC regulations by broadcasting my already illegally dubbed copy of Macross Plus across the campus closed circuit cable channel.

The more I watch anime, the more I am convinced that it is one of the most truly beautiful forms a human can express him or herself in. Even moreso if the anime is kept intact, allowing the veiwer to experience the art work in the original japanese.

I'm finding something interesting here, however, as I listen to the events of the movie happen without being able to read the subtitles. The skill of the voice actors is such that, even without looking, I can follow the plot of the story.

Universal emotions come through loud and clear, no matter what language they are spoken in. I suggest you try it sometime. (Run Lola Run is another fun movie to do this with, esp. if you get the DVD and can watch the movie in German without the subtitles.)

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