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There are very few things I feel privileged to write up. This remains not only an important musical point for my favorite band, but one of those few moments a musical orgasm has been so powerful as for me to pull over the car and weep. I know rock hero worship may sound childish, even antiquated, yet I pray I remain as interested in this music as I am now. I know, I know, enough of these personal notes.

Trey Anastasio has repeatedly stated that he had requested tape of this show very soon after the fact, and repeatedly played the show in its complete form throughout the end of the Fall '97 tour. It well defines the funk and loose improvisations of the period.

A Tweezer, perhaps Phish's finest jam vehicle opens the show, signaling an event. The Ghost is an epic 21:24 minutes in length comprising one of the finest Phish jams I have ever heard.



Set One

  1. Tweezer
  2. Reba
  3. Train Song
  4. Ghost
  5. Fire


Set Two

  1. Down with Disease
  2. Olivia's Pool
  3. Johnny B. Goode
  4. Denver Jam
  5. Jesus Just Left Chicago
  6. When the Circus Comes to Town


Set Two continued + Encore + 11/19/97 filler

  1. You Enjoy Myself
  2. Character Zero
  3. Filler

  4. Wolfman's Brother
  5. Makisupa Policeman

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