In addtion to being a highly useful personal grooming device, Tweezer is the title of a beloved song by Phish.

The song has a composed section and an improvisatory section, which is where performances of it break wide open. The composed section consists primarily of a slinky, descending riff in A with the chorus over a similar riff in E.

In the jam section anything is possible, from straight bluesy explorations centered around the key of A to experimental, nearly arrythmic noise. The very outré jam in the version of Tweezer featured on A Live One appears at first listen to be utter chaos. But with the right kind of ears you will eventually hear how brilliantly the musicians are listening to each other.

The lyrics to Tweezer are:

Won't you step into the freezer?
Please her with a tweezer*.

It's gonna be cold, cold, cold, cold, cold. (Mike screams)

Look who's in the freezer.
Uncle Ebenezer.

At shows where Tweezer is performed it is highly likely that, later on, you will be treated to a Tweezer Reprise. The Reprise takes the Tweezer riff and moves it up into the key of D, usually, although this can be and is altered to fit the key of whatever song the Reprise segues out of. The arrangement behind the main riff is an anthemic ascending chord pattern played primarily on piano. Properly placed, a Tweezer Reprise will rock the house in a most righteous way.

The lyrics to the Tweezer Reprise are simply:

Won't you step into the freezer?

*This is often heard as "seize it with a tweezer" or "seize her with a tweezer" or even "Caesar with a tweezer".

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