Hard rock band who got a lot of attention for being black, unusual in that genre. Best known for the song "Cult of Personality," but this was only one of many great songs -- they were very articulate and socially conscious compared to most hard rock bands.

After splitting up in 1995, the individual members of Living Colour remained very active in their artistic ventures. Guitarist Vernon Reid was the first member to come out with a project, his solo album, Mistaken Identity, with his new band, Masque. Masque's line-up included such heavies as Don Byron on clarinet and DJ Logic on turntables.

Singer Corey Glover's solo work Hymns, though receiving greater commercial success, was not the experimental opus that Mistaken Identity was. Instead, it was a very solid pop offering. The amazing energy this "group" would deliver on stage, unfortunately, was not reproduced on the album. But, then, performance always was Corey's strong suit.

Bassist Doug Wimbish, a legend in his own right, and famed drummer Will Calhoun collaborated together extensively after the fall of Living Colour. They were members of, first Jungle Funk (with singer Vinx), and later of Head Fake (Jungle Funk, less Vinx). Corey Glover would often "sit in" with Head Fake on their gigs, often performing Living Colour songs as part of the sets. Will Calhoun also appeared on Doug Wimbish's solo album, Funky Notes for Bass. Released on On-U Sound, this album brings together Doug's early ventures into the creation of hip-hop, his later years in dub reggae, and finally his explosion into rock n' roll. (An interesting footnote: Vernon Reid supplied the photographs for the album's packaging.) Will Calhoun released two solo albums, House Work and Drum Wave. House Work is a collection of live drum solos from various sources; Drum Wave, an exposition on the roots and roles of the drums.

In what must have been an explosive night, on December 21, 2000, rumors spread that there would be a "special guest" at the Head Fake gig at CBGB's in New York. This special guest turned out to be, to no one's surprise, Vernon Reid. The four reunited for the first time in seven years as Living Colour. The official word was that they would tour North America's West Coast, and then "take things from there." Since then they have toured South America and Europe, and will be touring the North American East Coast briefly.

Along the way, it should be noted that Will Calhoun and Doug Wimbish have entered into another project together, Black Jack Johnson, consisting of the aforementioned two, Bernie Worrell, and Doctor Know. The group is the backing band for rapper Mos Def on his upcoming album.

While not a complete listing of the projects these four amazing musicians have been involved in, and does not mention once (until now) Muzz Skillings, who has been on a hand full of random recordings since leaving Living Colour, this should supply some additional information for some readers. As such, I make no claim to the completeness of this write up.

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