The basic problem is not that the music industry is racist. Rather, the music industry is, like all the other media today, profit-oriented. If something isn't going to make lots and lots of money, it doesn't get bought by a large company. Even if it does, it won't receive the same promotional efforts that the latest prefab boy band gets, because (and this may shock some of you) it isn't going to bring in as much ROI for the record company. It isn't racism - it's the lowest common denominator.

Because of these economic considerations, the industry tends to market new bands in areas it thinks they will succeed in. Just as Metallica won't tour with Morcheeba, knowing that the typical metalhead has no interest whatsoever in Morcheeba's soulful trip-hop sound, the Whitebread, IL branch of Hot Topic has no incentive to carry records by Dr. Dre. This is probably the reason my local Latin record shop doesn't have anything by the Sisters of Mercy, as well.

When was the last time I heard a black person doing something that wasn't rap or R&B? Well, over the last few days I've heard these:

And why is it so surprising that Goldie's album was not "well received" in the US? I hate to break it to you, but LOTS of artists from the UK, continental Europe, and other parts of the world don't make it in the US. Kula Shaker never broke into the American market. Does this mean the "music industry" is prejudiced against long-haired young Brits? I don't think so.

In fact, your main problem seems to be that the heavily commercialized outlets for mainstream music don't support edgy, hardcore, truly artistic ventures. well, guess what? These are the same problems faced by all kinds of artists in all fields all over the world. You don't have to watch MTV, or shop at Hot Topic. You don't have to listen to commercial radio just because some idiot told you that station was cool. Instead of complaining, support the more edgy artists and the local kids with the great underground sound, buy the mainstream stuff at secondhand shops if at all, spread the word, and get over it.


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