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Welsh village created by Dylan Thomas for his play Under Milk Wood. Read it backwards.

In the interests of sanitisation, some editions of Under Milk Wood change Llarregub to Llaregyb. This would be pronounced the same way in Welsh ( including the LL which themanwho points out is not a guttural sound, but is a lateral fricative in most dialects and, as such pronounced like an l with the rear of the tongue elevated) , and indeed using a y as a vowel is more Welsh in style.

But it removes the underlying meaning of the word!

How do I know this? We read it as a class reader when I was about 13 at school. And by chance (or perhaps by design to show about censorship), there were two different editions among the 25 of us. Some said Llarregub and some said Llaregyb.

BlueDragon says "maybe the Welsh wanted to make it look more Welsh?". Perhaps. But I prefer the conspiracy theory!! <g>

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