Sometimes it is all the way we are told it will be: 'You think this is love? You think this is real? You will get over it. Pretty soon you will tire of it'. And no, we are sure, positive that love will conquer all. Love will rule the day. Love is all we need.

Define love.

'A relationship needs to be based on some sort of common ground. Perhaps you are in the same ballpark now, perhaps your ideological differences are so slight, they are barely noticable. All angles start from a single point. It is the degree that widens, moves apart (slow and sure) and soon the slight variance is a gaping chasm. It is bound to happen '.

But no. We are sure, positive that the differences are imagined, that the ultimate goal is actually the same, that the variances are not degrees of difference but merely

... something else.

And despite all this, despite our conviction that we can make things work if we want to, despite the fierce opposition, it has nothing to do with any of it at all. I am just moving faster than you, or you faster than me. Just on different wavelengths. Just (despite myself) moving on.

Look at me, I am moving on and overtaking you and pulling ahead. Look at me, you are left behind in a cloud of dust and it's not even intentional.

Define love.

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