Churchill, Randolph Henry Spencer, Lord, third son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough; born Feb. 13, 1849; entered the British Parliament in 1874, and became a leader of the Conservative party. On the defeat of Gladstone's Irish Bill in 1886, Churchill became leader of the House of Commons and Chancellor of the Exchequer, posts which he unexpectedly resigned in December, 1886. Died in London, Jan. 24, 1895. Lord Randolph married, in 1874, Miss Jennie, daughter of the late Leonard Jerome, of New York City. Their son Winston Leonard Spencer, born 1874, educated at Harrow and Sandhurst, entered the army in 1895, saw active service in Cuba (1895), in India (1897-98), Egypt (1898), and in South Africa (1899). He is the author of several descriptive campaign works, and is a member of the British Parliament. In 1900, Lady Randolph married George Cornwallis West.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

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