Fling my hands out and spin and spin and spin.
And see the stars clash with city lights.
And the sodium street lamp casting its orange glow over everything
On that side of the hill.
But now everything’s moving too fast,
Blurring together in crazy lights and darks faster than a strobe
Inducing an me an epileptic fit
Of the mind, this time.
And giggles tearing madly out of my throat
Racing out to dance on the wind
And whoops of delight as the world goes askew.
And the motion in my feet gets stronger and stronger
From my weight and gravity seducing it.
And I can hear my sister making the same sound
Far enough away so that, no matter
How we weave and stumble and stagger
We won’t run into each other.
And we’re up here at a hill at the end of the world, hearing
Drought-fried crass crunch under our feet
And the wind stings my eyes and dries out my contacts
Carrying the grit of entire nations up to the mountain on which we stand
And finally my feet falter and turn on my ankles To throw me off, until, finally, I’m on the ground
Feeling the sharp prickles beneath my skin.
Chest heaving and eyes wide as I wait for the world
To calm down and stop acting so damn crazy.

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