Very strange animated children's programme from around the time of Ivor the Engine, and animated in roughly the same way, as far as I can tell. Ludwig was an environmentally friendly, multi-faceted (literally) egg - yes, I know it sounds strange. It was. Panels in the egg would open and allow arms, legs, and other devices to protrude. Ludwig, obviously, played a lot of Beethoven, on a violin, but also assisted the various other characters in the park in which he lived: an owl, a magpie (bizarrely blue), thousands of hedgehogs (which behaved a little like that green pea in Morph) and obligatory snall animals. The whole thing was watched, and narrated, by a pseudo-Sherlock Holmes type chap, with a deerstalker, no discernible facial features, and a large pair of binoculars (and, maybe, an opium habit, which would, of course, explain a lot).

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